Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crap, is it Wednesday Already?

Recent activities include:

* conference call with Niel Brandt and his grad student Nur Filiz Ak about targeted BAL variability studies in SDSS-III
* useful exercise of writing a units conversion program (e.g., how many grams/second is a mass loss rate of 1 solar mass/year?)
* writing a macro version of my SM code for generating animated gif movies of BAL variability (now including the uncertainties in interpolated spectra, calculated using the observed sqrt[1-exp(-t/tau)] increase to a maximum sigma of 0.23 magnitudes over a timescale tau of 101 rest-frame days)
* experimenting with the Shareflow website as a Google Wave replacement for collaborative commenting on astronomy papers

Right now I am reading & commenting a draft of my grad student Jesse Rogerson's Master's Thesis. (Finished that; had a Skype meeting w/Jesse about it, and a Skype meeting w/my other grad student Laura; read & commented on a draft paper from my former grad student Alireza.)

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