Friday, May 20, 2011

On Holiday

Well, not quite yet, but I shan't post again before I head off for 4 weeks' vacation.

Sent thoughts on BAL variability to SDSS-III collaborators and Jesse Rogerson, who has started looking at quasar (& specifically BAL quasar) color variability.

Plugging away on redshifted-trough BAL quasars; can't say much online since it involves SDSS-III data.  Probably worth stepping away from it for a while and getting reinvigorated, as I've reached a point where lots of the easy work has been done (though some remains) and am starting to think of the more complicated and time-consuming things that may need to be done.  Will post as an SDSS-III collaboration project before heading off; with luck collaborators will join and do work while I'm away!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Polar BAL paper submitted.  Rogerson & Hall MgII absorption paper submitted.

Final skype w/Chajet before both our vacations.

Work on BAL quasars with troughs at redshifted velocities continues.

Will juggle that with BAL variability work this week.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Who Ordered Them?

BAL Quasars with redshifted troughs, that is.  Been thinking and writing about them.

Also skype with Laura Chajet.

Also commented on latest draft of Jesse Rogerson's Master's Thesis paper.

Also attended 5 out of 8 Lectureship Colloquia held here this week.

Thought a bit about a paper on another polar BAL quasar pointed out by a colleague.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two Dollars

Monday, posted polar BAL quasar manuscript. 

Tuesday, talked with Joe Hennawi for a while and Jon McKinney for a bit.

Thought about BAL quasars after that.

Reviewed Rogerson & Hall manuscript.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hadn't realized I posted so little in April.  Have been working on:

* Improving MATLAB code for disk wind modelling, and running models.  Going OK, but just recently some weird profiles have turned up, so I need to make sure they don't reflect any bug(s).  And some more wind streamline laws need to be coded in, to explore a bit more parameter space.

* Thinking and writing about "polar" BAL quasars.  I random-walked my way to disproving them.  In the long run worth doing; in the short run mildly annoyed at all the dead ends followed.  Everything is more complex and takes longer to understand than you imagine it is and will at first.

* Measuring some spectral parameters for weak-line quasars, as a follow-on to the PHL 1811 analog work.

Today am going to look at some BAL quasar spectra from SDSS-III.