Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Paper

One thing I wanted to try on my sabbatical was writing a very short paper over a weekend.  Didn't quite make it (and it was even a long weekend!), but I mostly ruled out "polar" BAL quasars; remaining tasks are:

DONE: 1) Check my math, both formulas and numbers.

DONE: 2) Dig up the FIRST and NVSS peak flux densities AND THEIR UNCERTAINTIES for both epochs for all the objects in Table 1.

DONE: 3) Take the formulas for rmax (Eqs 4 & 5) and beta_perp^min (Eq 9), come up with formulas for their uncertainties.

DONE: 4) Compute uncertainties on rmax, T_b,q and beta_perp^min using the errors on fluxes found above.

DONE: 5) Discuss more references, write conclusions.

I'll let it sit a week for Laura and I to look it over again, then submit!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Am focusing on disk wind line profile paper, so previous post may be updated more often than new posts made.

Last week and a half has been some disk wind thinking, a bit of X-ray thinking, a Gemini referee report, Skype with Rogerson and with Chajet, but mostly a whole heck of a lot of postings about papers from the literature on Shareflow. There's a whole bunch of annotated hardcopy papers I won't be taking back across the pond with me....

Monday, April 4, 2011


Time to start pushing my long-delayed paper on accretion disk (AD) winds out the door.

To Do List (more or less priority ordered)

* MOSTLY DONE (re)read related papers & post on ShareFlow
* MOSTLY DONE reread paper, freshen up text, verify paper structure ok, ID any new "to do" items

when I was last working on the paper intensively, I left several questions hanging; need to decide which to address and which to leave for the future:

* Finally understood; program adjustment DONE: is Q only important in the 0.3 < tau < 3 regime?
* expressions for Mdot = 4 pi rho(r) r^2 v_r(r) C_f(r) = const for r>r_launch,max

* DONE Matlab implementation of conical emitting region equations
* DONE add erfc() to tau, and Q-dependence in denominator of x^2
* share Matlab diagnostic programs
* log-linear Q
* Knigge et al. Q

* what parameter space to study in first paper
* which lines: CIV, MgII, demo CIII? Ha,Hb? (but comparison with RM not possible yet)
* which parameters to vary, and over what ranges?

* for them, do final line profile runs for varying wind launch angle and inclination

* Fine et al. style analysis of sigma(FWHM) distribution (CIV and MgII)
* blueshifts
* EWs

* convert latex to MNRAS style
* write up results of Fine et al. style analysis
* update references


Finished and gave talk on PHL 1811 analogs to IoA X-ray group on Friday, after considerable background reading. Good point from Andy Fabian led me to investigate reflection-dominated X-ray spectra and think about models of AD spectra; will post to Shareflow soon.