Thursday, January 27, 2011


Read Kormendy et al. paper for quasar journal club, then missed the Skype session. Wrote up comments and emailed them around.

Individual Skype sessions with Ali Rafiee, Laura Chajet and Jesse Rogerson.

Copied all dereddened Hewett & Wild spectra (with their redshifts in the header) to my laptop. Started adopting spectro.boss SM file to work with those spectra.

Tuesday was mostly PHL 1811 analog selection: the sequel. Men it can be done. And we have more good candidates. But the SDSS blueshifts are not trustworthy for these extreme objects, so a visual inspection stage is still required.

Received Gemini GMOS pre-imaging data for the clone arc. To my chagrin, the rotation angle is not quite optimal. Will have to consider whether to request another pre-image at a slightly different rotation angle, probably after taking a stab at mask design [there's also the issue of how well a curved slit can be faked; may need to contact Gemini about testing beta software for curved slits].

General discussion with Paul Hewett about topics of mutual interest to work on.

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