Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Trying to catch up and then resume regular blogging, so this post covers everything since the last one.  Everything that comes to mind, anyway:

* caught up on Jesse's blog, and discussed BAL quasar photovariability ideas
* brief discussion of disk wind modelling with Laura
* read referee's report on paired sightline MgII absorption and discussed revisions & response with Jesse
* read over referee's report on polar BAL paper and have begun revising & responding
* submitted notice of intent to apply for a Discovery Grant (Canadian govt funding for scientists and engineers), which involved a fair bit of background thought & planning for how to approach the actual proposal
* read Stu Dack's thesis
* revised syllabus for winter term class on radiative transfer
* started reading preprint on FeLoBALs
* started planning for full-year NATS astronomy course I'll be teaching

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