Thursday, March 5, 2015

Worthwhile Non-Academic Activities, or, The Strike Made Me Blog

I'll be blogging again for a while because York University TAs are on strike.  Previous strikes were 54, 78, and 85 days; thus, we can expect this strike to last 72.3 +- 16.4 days.

For students on strike, I'll be suggesting activities you can do to build your skills during the strike.

For starters, here's a list of free online courses that offer badges or certificates as proof of completion of the course.  The list is editable, so please add other such courses of interest if you find them:

Watch your e-mail from the department for upcoming opportunities to work on some courses together with your peers at York starting next week.

And here's a new citizen science initiative from the folks at (and check out their website for all the other science projects to which anyone can contribute):

Hi there,
I'm delighted to announce a fantastic new project from the team at the Zooniverse - Science Gossip
In the Victorian period, just like today, scientists and members of the public worked together to further scientific discovery. Before computers and cameras they had to draw what they saw. Their drawings are locked away in the pages of Victorian periodicals and books, such as Science GossipRecreative Science and The Intellectual Observer.

The ultimate goal of this new project is to understand the roots of citizen science. This is the first Zooniverse project where citizen scientists are both the researchers and the subject of the research. Help us to classify scientific drawings, and map the origins of citizen science.

Get involved in the project now at

Victoria and the Zooniverse Team


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