Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day of Emails

Journal club with Jesse Rogerson. Discussion of potential spectroscopic proposal related to PHL 1811 analogs; sent email to Niel Brandt regarding same.

Email to Niel Brandt and student Jianfeng Wu regarding possible improvement to Fig. 7 of our paper, and pointing out one quasar with unusually strong low-ionization emission, indicative of a soft ionizing continuum.

Emails to Niel Brandt and student Nur Filiz~Ak regarding her impressive start to studying BAL variability between SDSS Legacy and SDSS-III spectra. Suggested using Allen et al. (2011) NMF reconstructions of quasar continua.

Another, shorter email to Todd Boroson regarding quasar observables vs. fundamentals.

Emailed Laura Chajet about her latest research draft.

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