Friday, February 4, 2011

Wind and Hot Air in Cambridge

Extremely windy last night and today, but at least it's not below freezing.

I am featured on the Cambridge IoA Podcast this month.

Started creating a slide for my talk on quasar outflows and feedback a week from Wednesday that I've been thinking about for a while, to illustrate inhomogeneous covering.

Figured out how to obtain spectral resolution info from DR7 spSpec files; next step is to batch-produce this information for Ali Rafiee.

But first, am working on finishing the compiling/crosschecking of all duplicate spectra for SDSS DR7 quasars plus AGN missing from the DR7 catalog.

Short email to Jesse Rogerson with some tips for current work he's doing to turn thesis into paper.

Thought about what to do for journal club next week instead of reverberation mapping paper... decided on discussion of submitted PHL 1811 analog paper.

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