Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sitting and Thinking

Friday: Looked for PHL 1811 analogs without C IV blueshifts; hard to find! Skyped with Rafiee.

Monday: Skyped with Chajet, discussion of Fine et al. style study of the dispersion in CIV linewidths due to inclination. Looked at spectra of some quasars with X-ray data but without C IV absorption. Started thinking about echo mapping of disk winds.

Tuesday: Responded to email about BAL variability at last. Skyped with Rogerson; proper weighting & treatment of paired-sightline MgII EW measurements appears ready to go. Thought more about echo mapping of disk winds and along the way thought of a minor correction we should make to our disk wind emission calculations. Nice to have the time to sit and think and follow where the thoughts go.

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