Friday, March 11, 2011

Week in Review

Wednesday: Thought of another minor correction for disk wind emission. Helped out with PHL 1811 analog proposal for Chandra.

Thursday/Friday: Read draft DR3+DR7 MBH+PCA catalog paper. Rafiee pointed out a number of extra spectra he had run PCA fitting on. Examination of them revealed 16 good spectra (but no new objects) which I added to master list of SDSS quasar spectra. Skype w/Rafiee; he will refit objects with bad FeII fits with a different starting normalization.

Also spent time looking at SDSS objects w/X-ray data, & potential targets for such. C IV absorption distorts their EW-bshift locations, but doesn't get rid of all objects with weak but unblueshifted CIV. Using Shen et al. 2011 blueshifts (relative to MgII) and EWs doesn't either, although the EWs seem less affected by absorption.

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