Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Paper

One thing I wanted to try on my sabbatical was writing a very short paper over a weekend.  Didn't quite make it (and it was even a long weekend!), but I mostly ruled out "polar" BAL quasars; remaining tasks are:

DONE: 1) Check my math, both formulas and numbers.

DONE: 2) Dig up the FIRST and NVSS peak flux densities AND THEIR UNCERTAINTIES for both epochs for all the objects in Table 1.

DONE: 3) Take the formulas for rmax (Eqs 4 & 5) and beta_perp^min (Eq 9), come up with formulas for their uncertainties.

DONE: 4) Compute uncertainties on rmax, T_b,q and beta_perp^min using the errors on fluxes found above.

DONE: 5) Discuss more references, write conclusions.

I'll let it sit a week for Laura and I to look it over again, then submit!

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