Monday, April 4, 2011


Time to start pushing my long-delayed paper on accretion disk (AD) winds out the door.

To Do List (more or less priority ordered)

* MOSTLY DONE (re)read related papers & post on ShareFlow
* MOSTLY DONE reread paper, freshen up text, verify paper structure ok, ID any new "to do" items

when I was last working on the paper intensively, I left several questions hanging; need to decide which to address and which to leave for the future:

* Finally understood; program adjustment DONE: is Q only important in the 0.3 < tau < 3 regime?
* expressions for Mdot = 4 pi rho(r) r^2 v_r(r) C_f(r) = const for r>r_launch,max

* DONE Matlab implementation of conical emitting region equations
* DONE add erfc() to tau, and Q-dependence in denominator of x^2
* share Matlab diagnostic programs
* log-linear Q
* Knigge et al. Q

* what parameter space to study in first paper
* which lines: CIV, MgII, demo CIII? Ha,Hb? (but comparison with RM not possible yet)
* which parameters to vary, and over what ranges?

* for them, do final line profile runs for varying wind launch angle and inclination

* Fine et al. style analysis of sigma(FWHM) distribution (CIV and MgII)
* blueshifts
* EWs

* convert latex to MNRAS style
* write up results of Fine et al. style analysis
* update references

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