Friday, May 20, 2011

On Holiday

Well, not quite yet, but I shan't post again before I head off for 4 weeks' vacation.

Sent thoughts on BAL variability to SDSS-III collaborators and Jesse Rogerson, who has started looking at quasar (& specifically BAL quasar) color variability.

Plugging away on redshifted-trough BAL quasars; can't say much online since it involves SDSS-III data.  Probably worth stepping away from it for a while and getting reinvigorated, as I've reached a point where lots of the easy work has been done (though some remains) and am starting to think of the more complicated and time-consuming things that may need to be done.  Will post as an SDSS-III collaboration project before heading off; with luck collaborators will join and do work while I'm away!

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