Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hadn't realized I posted so little in April.  Have been working on:

* Improving MATLAB code for disk wind modelling, and running models.  Going OK, but just recently some weird profiles have turned up, so I need to make sure they don't reflect any bug(s).  And some more wind streamline laws need to be coded in, to explore a bit more parameter space.

* Thinking and writing about "polar" BAL quasars.  I random-walked my way to disproving them.  In the long run worth doing; in the short run mildly annoyed at all the dead ends followed.  Everything is more complex and takes longer to understand than you imagine it is and will at first.

* Measuring some spectral parameters for weak-line quasars, as a follow-on to the PHL 1811 analog work.

Today am going to look at some BAL quasar spectra from SDSS-III.

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