Monday, June 20, 2016

.astronomy 8 (Dot Astronomy Eight) Intro

Here I am in rainy Oxford, along with numerous other astronomers, for the .astronomy 8 conference!

Notes on Sarah Kendrew's retrospective:

DotAstronomy meetings started in 2008 in Cardiff.  (I bet it rained then too.)

DotAstronomy is about: how can we use the internet to do astronomy? (Including scientific research, public outreach & engagement, and public education, not to mention blurring the lines between those topics.)

At .astro meetings, people often talk on subjects outside their main research interests, in part because the meetings are not focused on a single research area, and include non-astronomy speakers as well.

dotastronomy hacks are about creativity, or software, or science, or any combination thereof. Hacking is a way to learn. Hacks of the past:  Chromoscope - optimize.js - [interactive plots] - OS X widgets for Ned Wright's Cosmology Calculator.

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