Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catch-up post

Thanksgiving holiday: email exchange with Laura Chajet about modeling inhomogeneous absorption; she has found an error in the original formulation of these models which may require redoing quite a bit of published work. Also ported a lot of Google Wave reviews of published astro papers to Zenbe Shareflow.

Monday: read revised bits of Jesse Rogerson's Master's thesis. Read 1st draft of a followup C IV / X-ray paper by Gordon Richards' student Nic Kruczek, and drafted email to them. Read Steinhardt & Elvis' comment on the paper Alireza Rafiee & I put on astro-ph earlier this month. They have some good suggestions for clarification, some mistakes, and one good point for us to consider.

Tuesday: sent a few more comments to Jesse. Spent lots of time fixing proofs for MNRAS paper on FBQS J1408+3054. I'm paying the price for being lazy and not using natbib. But I've now figured out how to use natbib for MNRAS (basically, use mn.bst and not mn2e.bst).

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