Friday, November 19, 2010

Gamma-ray NLS1s, BAL spectra

A check of the HST archive reveals that none of the five narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies (NLS1s) detected to date in gamma-rays (all at redshifts < 1) have HST spectra. These AGN are very likely to be within a few degrees of face-on to their accretion disks, and we can see broad emission lines from them, so we have a rare opportunity to study broad line profiles at a known inclination angle. Sounds like an HST proposal to me.

Other recent activities have included:
a Skype conversation with my student Laura Chajet;
simple reductions of MDM spectroscopy of a variable BAL quasar to see if it its variability is ongoing (it's not, unfortunately);
a bit of digging around in papers on Hanny's Voorwerp or related subjects;
and realizing there's a factor of two error in my latest first-author paper (d'oh!) ...fortunately, once the error is corrected the result is more interesting rather than less, and the paper's still at the proofs stage and so the error can be corrected before it is printed. That won't endear me to the MNRAS staff, but I think I'll request to be sent a paper to referee as a way of making amends.

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