Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Update (PHL 1811 Analogs, sub-Eddington Boundary)

Science over the weekend and through today so far has focused on thinking some more about PHL 1811 analogs (intrinsically X-ray weak quasars), about which Niel Brandt, his grad student Jianfeng Wu and I (and collaborators) are preparing a paper.

I also prepared some materials in support of a colleague's NSF proposal.

Lastly, my former grad student Ali Rafiee had a paper on astro-ph (it's still astro-ph to me, not arXiv) today showing that the reported sub-Eddington boundary is not seen in our analysis of quasar black hole masses vs. luminosities. Reaction here at Ohio State (and by email from another member of the community) has been positive; Occam's Razor is on our side!

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  1. I've always called it astro-ph! I didn't know it was not known by that anymore!